Hello! This site is for people, who want to work with our great service Givee.Club!

Givee.Club provides best-tier traffic to advertisers - On our website, the tasks are done by real people, and not any bots. Our users will help you to boost your group, youtube channel or anything you want.

Nowadays we have more than 1,000,000 of registered users and the number is still growing everyday! We can provide the current number of active users on your request.


main motto of Givee.Club

How much does our service cost? $0 and €0.

You simply need to provide us keys for the giveaway and let us know what tasks you need. If you don't have keys, you can buy them on various internet shops or from us for a good price. We care about our users, therefore there are a few rules, which you need to think about.

Terms of giveaways

  • Minimal amount of keys for the giveaway: 1500.

  • Number of tasks depends on the amount of provided keys: 4-8 tasks allowed.

  • We do not allow tasks with any software or scam sites (gambling sites, etc.).

  • It is possible to set the giveaway for given amount of days.

  • You can always restock your giveaway with new keys.

  • We reserve the right to add our tasks to your giveaway.

If you are interested in our service, you have any questions or you just want to clarify something, message us on Discord, VK, Telegram or on our e-mail [email protected].